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I haven't looked at some of these videos in quite awhile, so I never really know where these pages are going to go until I get into them. Tete's already fairly well-known, so I think the only thing left to do is to point out a couple of interesting things he does in the milongas, and leave it at that. This isn't really a web site about steps (because tango isn't about steps), but you can't do a page about Tete without including a couple of "steps" that are uniquely Tete. The video below is made up of four short clips I put together. The first three show how smoothly he incorporates enrosques into the music on (pivoting both feet and twisting the legs around each other), and the last one is, well… a Tete step:



They make it look easy, don't they? I showed the video to a couple of milongueras, and when they saw the part at the end with that kind of crossover inside-step, they laughed and one of them said, “¡Que canchero!” (Canchero means cool, or hip).


This is the last one. It just shows how Tete moves around in traffic. It’s interesting to see how close he comes to other dancers. About halfway through, he and Alej almost take out poor Tito... but these close calls are fairly common. I seem to have a lot of video of high-level milongueros coming very close to each other, and my filming them could actually be a factor. In this video, Tito and Tete may have both been thinking about the camera a little bit.